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  •  MAKE SEWING WORKS EASY AND CONVENIENT: Portable sewing machine are lightweight, can be put into your shoulder bag, easy for carrying, just take to anywhere you want.
  • SWEET DESIGNS FOR YOU: The mini size are well designed for sleeves and legs’ sewing. The thread cutter and lamp help you do sewing works more convenient. The thread spindle help you winding the thread
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: Machine come with a pedal which is tailor-made for beginners, you can control the speed by your action. Make your sewing works easy in the early days. There are also 2 speeds, you can switch to high or low speed with the button when you familiar with the operations, and don’t need pedal
  • POWERED BY 2 WAYS: Electric sewing machine make your sewing work conveniently, even if without power socket, 4 AA batteries are enough.